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Your fuse board in your home or commercial properties is an essential part of your electrical safety. As it is such an important part of your system its easy to worry that it might need replacing. Older fuseboxes are safer when upgraded to newer electrical consumer units. Our team is fully qualified to help you identify which you currently have installed and advise you on how to make sure you have the safest system.


Our team is ready to tackle any changes to your fuse box and upgrades to newer consumer units, with qualified electricians who operate in your area such as West London, Ealing, Hillingdon, Buckinghamshire, Harrow and further afield, give us a call to discover how we can upgrade and change your fuse box.

Frequently Asked Fuse Board Questions…

What signs show my fuse board should be replaced?

Some of the most common signs are faults that cause the fuses to go out regularly, dimming and flickering lights, buzzing noises, charred or discoloured outlets and switches are all common signs. Many older properties in our operating area of Uxbridge, Ruislip and Hillingdon have older fuse boxes (identified by their removal individual fuses) that need to be upgraded to new electrical consumer units (a row of trip switches in a unit). Many older fuse boards do not contain RCD protection, which is a vital aspect to protect people against electric shock. Call our team now to discuss how to keep your system operating and safe for all.

Can I replace a fuse box myself?

Electrical installation, especially on important items like a fuse box, should only be carried out by qualified electricians who can certify the work is done to a safe and high standard. With much red tape around certification and installation it is best to use a qualified electrician such as our Napit registered team to carry out this work.

How long does replacing a fuse board take?

Every property is unique and some may require more detailed and longer installs, but as a general rule for a normal-sized house a replacement will take around half a day or so, we do our best to keep disruptions to a minimum.

Where can I place a fuse box in my house?

Safe electrical installs are of paramount importance and placing your fusebox is no different. Regulations prohibit the installation of fuse boxes in bathrooms or wet rooms, also they must be sufficient distance from gas meters. Some may ask if the board can be boxed in? This is possible but according to building regulations, your consumer unit should be enclosed in a cabinet or enclosure constructed of non-combustible material such as steel.

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